Webfusion Sucks

Webfusion sucks so bad

Why does Webfusion suck so bad?

Here are the 10 most recent reasons why:

@FarazRazaa 20 Jan 2017 @WebfusionUK still haven't had a response from your support team. Terrible service. Going to consider switching
@FreddieSorensen 11 Jan 2017 @WebfusionUK I tried. They said that wasn't the right number to call.
@secretdj 06 Jan 2017 Bit of a #secretdj availability issue at the moment - looks like our hosts @WebfusionUK are having problem. Hopefully back soon.
@steinsky 15 Nov 2016 Hi @WebfusionUK you just billed me *again* for a domain you allowed to expire a year ago, months after I closed my account. Who do I call?
@penfold_1969 15 Nov 2016 @WebfusionUK Are you having routing problems? All our vps are unreachable since 0836, like last Wednesday.
@infinitemokneys 10 Nov 2016 @WebfusionUK #webfusion VPS down since 9am yesterday, still no details on problem or ETA for migrating containers. What's going on?
@securejoomla 07 Nov 2016 On deeper investigation it appears to be a @WebfusionUK routing issue and not a @linode one :(
@creogardens 04 Nov 2016 @WebfusionUK was supposed to get a call back for a support ticket today. I didn't receive one. Your level of customer service is poor.
@JamminFishUK 02 Nov 2016 @WebfusionUK whats going on, two of our websites now down the whole day? Customer service providing no answers. #hostingnightmare
@designthatfits 31 Oct 2016 @WebfusionUK Having difficulty accessing your website and one of our servers hosted with you this morning. Have you got issues?

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