WebAir Sucks

WebAir sucks so bad

Why does WebAir suck so bad?

Here are the 3 most recent reasons why:

@RandomPixels 04 Oct 2016 @WebairInc hey guys, your ezPanel seems to be down. After I submit the login screen, it keeps loading forever.
@FarseerTLDR 22 Apr 2016 @WebairInc you expect people to buy your product when you can't even spell HIPAA correctly? For shame.
@smartpill 25 Mar 2016 .@WebairInc tried contacting your support twice about your hacked server.

Since WebAir suck, who should I move to?

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CowArmy.Models.Json.Provider sucks so much less for price

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CowArmy.Models.Json.Provider is faster by far

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Support way less sucky than WebAir

CowArmy.Models.Json.Provider is not sucky at all

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As a reminder of what you're not missing out on, WebAir's plans: