Web Hosting Hub Sucks

Web  Hub sucks so bad

Why does Web Hosting Hub suck so bad?

Here are the 10 most recent reasons why:

@lmarino 09 Jan 2017 @webhostinghub It's one day later and I've been holding for 35 minutes.
@UpliftingPills 07 Jan 2017 @webhostinghub Been on/off like last few days it's getting frustrating. I hope you guys have a permanent fix to prevent issues like this
@davedoeppel 07 Jan 2017 @webhostinghub i have never had my sites down this long. can we get an explanation and an eta. we need more than we are working on it
@Jamos 05 Jan 2017 @webhostinghub websites all still DOWN. 45 minute wait on your live chat. Where is your email or notification.? Can I get a response please?
@piratxmac 06 Dec 2016 @webhostinghub The site is totally broken!
@AndiHerzog 13 Nov 2016 @webhostinghub currently having issues with the server speed. Is there something going on currently?
@Geekcheck 20 Sep 2016 @webhostinghub I am unable to send out any emails all of a sudden using IMAP. Are there server problems?
@BrendaBomgardnr 08 Sep 2016 @webhostinghub hope after one week of website down the follow will be good news. Lost business!
@BrendaBomgardnr 30 Aug 2016 @webhostinghub My website has not worked correctly since 8/26 and I keep getting the run around.
@staefe 26 Aug 2016 @webhostinghub - this is twice this week i'm having issues either accessing my site or amp login - whats the deal yo?

Since Web Hub suck, who should I move to?

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CowArmy.Models.Json.Provider sucks so much less for price

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CowArmy.Models.Json.Provider is faster by far

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CowArmy.Models.Json.Provider is not sucky at all

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As a reminder of what you're not missing out on, Web Hub's plans:

Shared Spark $4.99/mo Unlimited storage
Shared Nitro $6.99/mo Unlimited storage
Shared Dynamo $8.99/mo Unlimited storage