SquareSpace Sucks

SquareSpace sucks so bad

Why does SquareSpace suck so bad?

Here are the 10 most recent reasons why:

@purephotoni 31 Jan 2017 @SquarespaceHelp Lets be honest here your service is absolutely dreadful. #squarespacedoesntcare
@topsidephoto 27 Jan 2017 @squarespace your customer service is awful.
@JoyCiticonti 17 Dec 2016 @squarespace you suck and your platform sucks. 4 hours of work GONE, because your web management isnt functioning properly!!!!
@SamJBond 31 Oct 2016 @EdwardFuryPhoto don't use @squarespace! Having lots of problems with content not loading. Been going on for a month now and still not fixed
@ShelleyONelley 06 Sep 2016 @squarespace 5 days and still waiting for your customer care response. 'Award-Winning 24/7 Customer Service'? I think not. 2230986
@ChrysantheTan 29 Aug 2016 @SquarespaceHelp Thx, I want to add a music player to homepage. Been in touch but the only solution was switch to Pacific. No time for that.
@captainspinifex 29 Aug 2016 @SquarespaceHelp will do, in the meantime you should look into addressing why tickets go ignored for 2 days at a time.
@Jerzup 28 Aug 2016 @squarespace Your website is so laggy when uploading 250 pictures...
@cupquakes 28 Aug 2016 Ironically, the @squarespace UX is one of the absolute worst.
@kellyshipp 27 Aug 2016 @SquarespaceHelp Terrible quality. Only about 1/4 of features work in your templates. Tons of JS errors/alerts and console.logs everywhere!

Since SquareSpace suck, who should I move to?

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As a reminder of what you're not missing out on, SquareSpace's plans:

Shared Basic Online Store $30/mo Unlimited storage
Shared Personal $16/mo Unlimited storage
Shared Business $26/mo Unlimited storage