SiteGround Sucks

SiteGround sucks so bad

Why does SiteGround suck so bad?

Here are the 10 most recent reasons why:

@ayeshahope 09 Jan 2017 @SiteGround Why can I not renew without upgrading? I don't want to pay nearly 3 times the amount I paid for the first time?
@jono_dubs 05 Jan 2017 trust @SiteGround to make unauthorised payments on your credit card, then shortchange your refund #shadyAF
@neil_taylor_ 12 Dec 2016 Tweaking up a few web sites at the moment... Though not happy with a new host @SiteGround Dreadful service after less than a week.
@markmakes 05 Dec 2016 Anyone recommend some reliable apache servers for high-traffic sites? @siteground can't handle any substantial traffic worth a damn
@aclumsytraveler 05 Dec 2016 Was told @SiteGround service was superb. Been trying to clarify a question I had but no reply since 3.50pm GMT obviously don't work weekends
@GirlLovesGloss 11 Nov 2016 @SiteGround why haven’t we been notified of this outage? It’s been a few hours now :-(
@kajal_sur 11 Oct 2016 @SiteGround Hello, I'm having trouble calling you. The number I dialed from your website keeps going as unknown or is not recognized.
@YvesMulkers 11 Oct 2016 Sorry but @7wData blog has been messed up by @siteground, not quiet amused. Currently trying to get things up again #fail
@Recessionista 10 Oct 2016 Almost a daily issue since going 2 @SiteGround #siteground despite constantly upgrading my site by adding more RAM, CPU Etc. Anyone else?
@lauratermini 02 Oct 2016 @SiteGround I want my money back! and change companies! WE bloggers can't afford this type of problems!You are trying to blame my team!

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OK, I know SiteGround suck, what's their background anyway?

With headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria, and data centers in the United Kingdom, United States, Netherlands, and Singapore, SiteGround is one of the best website domain hosts on the market. Its mission has stayed the same since its creation in 2004: be the best on the market in every category. This includes customer service as well as their overall level of service they provide to each of their customers. In the twelve years that SiteGround has been in service, they've accumulated more than 500,000 domains under their management. The placement of the four data centers is beneficial to their customers, as it allows them to have the fastest data access available.

While SiteGround has several types of hosting types, their most popular is the shared option. Within the shared choice, there are three different sizes of packages that are designed for different levels of traffic. The first and smallest is StartUp, and is designed for just that; people who have just created their websites and don't get more than 10,000 visits monthly. The price is just $3.95 monthly for the first year to help with the startup process and keep the costs low. StartUp comes with 10 GB of online storage and registration for one domain name. The second package goes for $7.95 monthly and instead of 10 GB, it comes with 20, and works best for those that are currently expanding their business and need more traffic capacity. Also, unlimited domain registrations are included. This option works best for those getting around 25,000 visits each month. If your traffic is still more than that, the GoGeek package is the one for you. It goes for $14.95 monthly and offers 30 GB of storage for any information you need kept safe. There's also an unlimited number of domain registrations, just like GrowBig. The capacity for site visitors is around 100,000, the largest of the three. The features listed here only just begin to touch on the wide variety of features that actually come with each package.

Anti-hack-ware, daily data backups, and secured email accounts are just two of the options that come standard with every package.There are a variety of packages that come with WordPress or Joomla access. The first one is specifically for designing blogs, and the use of it is included at no extra charge in their specific shared packages. Joomla has more uses than just for blogs, so it would be perfect for creating business websites as well. Every package that SiteGround sells comes standard with a 30-day money back guarantee, so you don't risk losing any of your own money when creating your website.

Customer service is also one of SiteGround's primary focuses. They have three different ways for clients to get answers to their questions from real life, US-based employees. The first is a phone call, which yields an instant reply. The next one is through a live chat conversation, which also gets instant replies. If you don't have time for a conversation, the third option is the one for you. It's called the ticket option, and you simply have to take a "ticket," send in a question, and you'll receive an answer in approximately ten minutes. If conversing isn't for you at all, SiteGround also has several webinars on their website that answer frequently asked questions and have basic tutorials as to how to use their technology.