Site5 Sucks

Site5 sucks so bad

Why does Site5 suck so bad?

Here are the 10 most recent reasons why:

@photohywel 27 Jan 2017 After nearly 9 years I've just cancelled my @site5 account. They used to be great, now they're awful. Even BackStage is critically broken.
@jonnyporkpie 26 Jan 2017 @site5 I'm now on hour 8 of waiting for a response to my urgent email support request.
@patricia_eddy 13 Jan 2017 @CA_Jarrett They used to be AWESOME. I was happy for 2.5 years until they "upgraded" their backend. @site5
@JaiLakshwani 09 Jan 2017 @site5 Why Singapore server is down? Host address is
@TheJaredWaldo 05 Jan 2017 .@site5 @site5supersam I understand you have plenty of clients, but your response time on support tickets isn’t winning me over.
@OnDemandMktg 05 Jan 2017 @site5 my site AND my email accounts are down, but when I login, it says there are no server problems. Chat support is backed up. What's up?
@JaiLakshwani 05 Jan 2017 @site5 How much time should i wait for answer? Ticket Id is WWD-158-41328. I created it on 2nd Jan 2017 #Webhosting Worst Hosting Experience
@asiarecruitweb 05 Jan 2017 @site5 still waiting, but the issue resolved itself, more or less. I'm leaving ticket open anyway.
@rabryst 28 Dec 2016 Wow, @Site5 is awful. The literal worst hosting provider I've ever dealt with. They used to be the best. Selling out sucks.
@itsalexjackman 08 Dec 2016 @site5 and @site5support are the saddest kind of joke this week. @EnduranceIntl should be ashamed of the effects of this acquisition.

Since Site5 suck, who should I move to?

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As a reminder of what you're not missing out on, Site5's plans:

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Shared hostBasic $4.95/mo Unlimited storage
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