Shopify Sucks

Shopify sucks so bad

Why does Shopify suck so bad?

Here are the 10 most recent reasons why:

@troysk704 09 Jan 2017 @ShopifySupport How long till I get a response? No response after 15 minutes. Should I DM @ShopifyDevs instead?
@aquino_franco 26 Sep 2016 I can't believe @Shopify states "1 hour" wait times for customer support when it really takes double that.
@jimlast 15 Aug 2016 Whew… this @shopify support chat queue is moving slowly
@eabb_1991 10 Aug 2016 @ShopifySupport been on hold for 43 minutes now...not the usual from you chaps?! Any chance you can ring me back when available?
@rahulkharbanda 06 Aug 2016 @Shopify @ShopifySupport Case id 3715433 i wish a senior support executive could read my email and respond back , you need improvements!!
@ieluisrojas 05 Aug 2016 I was not able to get through nor was email or live chat responsive :/ @ShopifySupport
@KallieShoes 04 Aug 2016 @ShopifySupport Guys!!! why is it taking so long to talk to someone in the chat? I am #48 still... :( I hadn't had that experience before.
@SeasonSBazaar 04 Aug 2016 @ShopifySupport Our website is now working. Extremely slow delay in response from Shopify. Not an acceptable service level agreement. Review
@CDenega 03 Aug 2016 @Shopify @ShopifySupport stayed up till 4am on Monday to get support regarding my new business. 2 days later still waiting for the email
@nicilaskin 02 Aug 2016 @shopifysupport been on hold now since 2 hours , paid for a website that does not work , getting an error message , tried calling

Since Shopify suck, who should I move to?

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As a reminder of what you're not missing out on, Shopify's plans:

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