Network Solutions Sucks

Network Solutions sucks so bad

Why does Network Solutions suck so bad?

Here are the 10 most recent reasons why:

@rusto88 26 Jan 2017 Thanks for freaking out my client @netsolcares, by adding domains (.info, .space) to acct w/out auth then sending expiry notices for them.
@kingersoll 25 Jan 2017 Unsurprisingly, @netsolcares continues to hold the longest running record for worst internet company.
@DomainRoaster 08 Jan 2017 If you want to work on your patience, deal with @netsolcares. Every 5 min on hold, I learn that I have another 10 more minutes. #
@nealenrick 04 Jan 2017 In phone hell with @netsolcares #fail Which doesn't really care, BTW.
@SunilMalhotra 08 Dec 2016 Okay @netsolcares last time you said this could only be done on phone and I am not interested in making telephone cos richer. @SiteLock
@MsLierre 05 Dec 2016 . @netsolcares I did. The response was unhelpful. I wish I'd known email on mobile would be partially unusable w/o add-ons. Badly done.
@HealthcareMBA 05 Dec 2016 @netsolcares HUGE issues for 2 weeks ago via our Advanced DNS. 72 hour email response w/ no resolution! This is horrible. Pls DM me.
@SaggafNet 17 Nov 2016 @netsolcares I am trying to reset my password. Your system say link sent but nothing received? Yet I have to wait 48 hours? account 24657738
@thewebcoach 07 Nov 2016 @netsolcares any reports of websites moving slow this morning?
@wendymarx 07 Nov 2016 @netsolcares, my website down, can't get to customer service 4 help. Disconnected after holding 20 minutes. Frustrating! Can u help?

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