Namecheap Sucks

Namecheap sucks so bad

Why does Namecheap suck so bad?

Here are the 10 most recent reasons why:

@U782 27 Jan 2017 @Namecheap Any serious Domain Investor should never use NameCheap, the awful portal makes it a nightmare to manage a lot of domains.
@h_martien 09 Jan 2017 .@Namecheap Pretty shoddy you're asking customers for money when you're not the domain registrar anymore. Support is clueless, ticket opened
@thorsheim 10 Oct 2016 @DEYCrypt @0x4445565A @dvk01uk @malwrhunterteam We've tried & failed convincing them. DO NOT USE @Namecheap
@successteam1 13 Sep 2016 @Namecheap Terrible Customer Service - charged my account for the 2nd day in a row and wont give immediate refund, saying I have to wait?
@67726e 11 Sep 2016 Apparently @Namecheap support is dragging it's feet so bad my domains are just going to expire. Swell.
@dualgame 06 Sep 2016 @Namecheap trying to sign into my email i get An error occurred inside the server which prevented it from fulfilling the request. (LGI-0003)
@IamShubhubarot 19 Aug 2016 #namecheap #review – Bad Shared #Hosting. 3-5 time down in a single day for more than 10 minutes. #disappointed @Namecheap
@reifman 17 Aug 2016 .@Namecheap is having a bad day. Database issues :( Extended downtime of management interface.
@Callump01 16 Aug 2016 @Namecheap I'll be cancelling all of my domains and hosting with #Namecheap as soon as they're back up. Offline all day! Unacceptable...
@cawiji 16 Aug 2016 @Namecheap the domain service is down and has been down for 7+ hours. Very bad.

Since Namecheap suck, who should I move to?

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OK, I know Namecheap suck, what's their background anyway?

Since its creation in 2000, more than 2 million people and 5 million domains have been hosting with Namecheap's ICANN accredited service. These statistics not only make it trustworthy but also the leading on the market. ICANN stands for Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers and its mission, essentially, is to ensure everyone on the internet knows which websites that can and can't trust with their business. The fact that ICANN backs Namecheap should ensure you that you can trust them with your valuable and invaluable business information. Namecheap's primary mission is to provide their clients with the best of everything: customer service, packages, and prices. They make sure to do that it lots of different ways, and are so confident that you'll want their services after you learn about them that they've made it simple and free to transfer.

Free to transfer? That's right! Namecheap has transferring down to a science, all to benefit their clients. Whether it's your domain or you want Namecheap to host your site, there's no additional fee to change over. For your hosting needs, just select one of Namecheap's transfer packages and pay annually. No hidden fees, no secret rules. Changing your domain is also equally doable. Just choose one of the hundreds of extensions they offer and pay yearly. Several extensions are discounted for now, to just $0.88 per year. A couple of these include ".bid" and "mobi," but there are a lot more if neither of those is perfect for your website.

The most popular hosting option that Namecheap has is the shared option. From this group, there are four different types of packages and three charge annually. The most popular is Professional, but a small and larger package exist, called Value and Ultimate. The prices of these range from $9.88 for the smallest to $29.88 for the largest. These prices are discounted for the first year for all new customers. Each package comes with an appropriate number of websites as well as an adequate amount of storage space. These have been specially designed by the experts on the Namecheap staff to make the perfect option for every website size. The fourth package designed was created for those with a business purpose for their website. It comes with 20 GB of pure SSD disk space and an unlimited number of websites, so they don't limit what you can do with your business. Great, right? Especially for those wishing to expand. Although only shared packages were mentioned, there are still VPS, reseller, and SSD. None of these fantastic ideas would be possible without the creator and innovator of the company.

Richard Kirkendall graduated from Harvard Business school with a Bachelor's degree and immediately became an entrepreneur. That was almost twenty years ago, and Kirkendall's business is still going strong. In addition to a degree, Kirkendall is also fluent in four languages: French, Italian, English, and Spanish. Not only is he a genius, but he's passionate and has a confident set of morals. When SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) threatened to take away the freedom of speech on the internet, Kirkendall came up with the idea of having an annual "Move your Domain Day," which is still ongoing. Every year, Namecheap encourages those who host with companies that back bills like SOPA to switch to their service. And what's more, they donate a portion of their profits from the event to organizations that protest terrible laws like SOPA that are regularly being sent to Congress.