Media Temple Sucks

Media Temple sucks so bad

Why does Media Temple suck so bad?

Here are the 10 most recent reasons why:

@dgoldwas 27 Jan 2017 @mediatemplehelp @tampamama I have tried that and it did NOT fix the error. You need to get this working ASAP, this is awful
@forwardtrends_ 19 Jan 2017 You know what would be awesome? If @mediatemplehelp 's website didn't log you out WHILE you were chatting with support.
@juanalonso 08 Jan 2017 Searching for web hosting? Beware of @mediatemple: doesn't give you back any balance in your favor when you close your account with them.
@gatofucsia 05 Jan 2017 @mediatemplehelp Suffered major data/access loss at your GRID service. Found email in the THRASH for account # 186450. Help me re-connect.
@thepharcyde 29 Dec 2016 It sucks seeing good companies go bad... @mediatemple
@markcijo 10 Dec 2016 @mediatemplehelp Your support sucks!!!! Can't help with moving a staging to live. Such a failure your business is!!! #MediaTemple #Horrible
@openprocessing 10 Nov 2016 Server down. ugh.. Working with @mediatemple to fix.
@_kirk 10 Nov 2016 @mediatemplehelp Could I please have my ticket #4213508 expedited? My sites have been down for ~12 hours and I have a lot of angry clients.
@AndrePreoteasa 30 Oct 2016 Leaving @mediatemple after 6 years. Degraded quality and dishonest sales people. What happened? Going to @togglebox #WebHosting
@tonygeer 14 Oct 2016 So apparently 1.5s for a server to respond is par for the course at @mediatemple. What a terrible hosting company.

Since Media Temple suck, who should I move to?

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CowArmy.Models.Json.Provider is faster by far

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As a reminder of what you're not missing out on, Media Temple's plans:

Shared Personal $20/mo 20 GB storage
Shared Pro $30/mo 100 GB storage
Shared Agency $150/mo 500 GB storage