JustHost Sucks

JustHost sucks so bad

Why does JustHost suck so bad?

Here are the 10 most recent reasons why:

@ryanhsumner 26 Jan 2017 @justhost you don't have a method of contacting your own technical team?
@edroberts1943 15 Jan 2017 @justhost You did not send out 92 emails posted. No ability to contact you. SUCKS.
@Ali4TV 09 Jan 2017 @justhost New hosting 48$/yr Renew old one 180$/yr I am hosted 6 years on justhost servers.. This is no customers respect & save them
@AlexBiyevetskiy 10 Dec 2016 The Worst #Hosting Ever @justhost! Their #webhosting service has been down all day! Zero redundancy, cheap Fucks! Stay away #JustHostSucks!
@stuartmenary 17 Nov 2016 @JusthostSupport what is going on with technical support servers down? - bad show guys! Can't resolve my problem
@dirtyfreqs 09 Nov 2016 @justhost sucks.. they more than doubled our hosting fee.. Looks like we'll find a new one.
@jacaballerol 07 Nov 2016 @JusthostSupport Having issue with Suspect invalid mailer domain please check your DNS records - ERR007 please help
@lasermarc 06 Nov 2016 @justhost Is your live chat not working? - I fill in the form but 'Continue' button does not work
@AEWholesale_ 01 Nov 2016 @justhost Unable to send emails. Justhost will continue the marketing tweets but will ignore all customer support.
@ProntoTask 25 Oct 2016 @justhost How does one reach your customer service? I've emailed, Live Chatted and you still charge me more than you promised?

Since JustHost suck, who should I move to?

Cheapest & sucks less than JustHost

CowArmy.Models.Json.Provider sucks so much less for price

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Fast & reliable compared to JustHost

CowArmy.Models.Json.Provider is faster by far

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Support way less sucky than JustHost

CowArmy.Models.Json.Provider is not sucky at all

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As a reminder of what you're not missing out on, JustHost's plans:

Shared Pro $29.99/mo Unlimited storage
Shared Basic $11.99/mo 50 GB storage
VPS Standard $29.99/mo 30 GB storage
VPS Enhanced $59.99/mo 60 GB storage
Dedicated Standard $149.99/mo 500 GB storage
Dedicated Enhanced $199.99/mo 1 TB storage
Dedicated Premium $249.99/mo 1 TB storage
Shared Plus $16.99/mo Unlimited storage
Shared Prime $18.99/mo Unlimited storage