InterServer Sucks

InterServer sucks so bad

Why does InterServer suck so bad?

Here are the 10 most recent reasons why:

@arjkh 24 Jan 2017 Storm in NY downs our @interserver data-center, affecting our clients in Kenya and Indonesia. So much for cloud hosting! #cloudcomputing
@ots_webhosting 24 Jan 2017 @interserver Is thre any problem right now with servers , as none of the vps are working , even interserver website is not working
@37solutions 24 Jan 2017 Anyone else have a website down with @interserver?
@MazenAbuTawelih 08 Jan 2017 @interserver Thanks for the escalation , your team confirmed that and asked me to upgrade to get a better speed.
@brandonrz 26 Nov 2016 @interserver you guys promise 99% up-time. But i'll be lucky if I can load my site 50% of the time.
@ChronolabsCoop 21 Nov 2016 unable to send electrical pulses through any form of conductive substance like a cable or radio signals in the whole @Lagarde @interserver
@YuttakarnIns 10 Nov 2016 @interserver hey server down ans i cant openwebsite interserver
@syimen 05 Nov 2016 @interserver please check my server, it seems down, thanks
@Cipherhouse 07 Oct 2016 could you @interserver deal with ticket HLR-353-78886 :: I can't for the life of me find why this isn't resolving it does fine on my dev env
@TarSnore 02 Aug 2016 @interserver Everything seems to be down, my website as well as interserver website. What's going on?

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