InMotion Hosting Sucks

InMotion sucks so bad

Why does InMotion Hosting suck so bad?

Here are the 10 most recent reasons why:

@ericburger 26 Jan 2017 @inmotionhosting is down again. Time for a new host?
@GoatCloud 09 Jan 2017 @jasonsmontoya @thewebforce @inmotionhosting I don't. Waiting to hear what inmotion says.
@LondonersJobs 30 Nov 2016 @inmotionhosting Our site has been down for 40mins now, during our busiest period, also your site is down as well so I can't even call in?
@SofiCorazon 30 Nov 2016 @inmotionhosting all my sites are diwn. I'm desperate.
@jefftomatx 30 Nov 2016 @inmotionhosting This is really unacceptable. All my sites and my client sites are offline. A busy signal on tech support line.
@jktraveler 25 Nov 2016 @inmotionhosting Would've gone with InMotion, if you supported LetsEncrypt on shared hosting (like most everyone else). Shame :/
@iMortuary 18 Nov 2016 @inmotionhosting My sites have been down for 10 hours now! This is the only update? Please give us an ETA! Thanks!
@barrylhylton 03 Oct 2016 @inmotionhosting Do you have an ETA on when the server issues will be fixed today? I have a client that is unable to use their email.
@xknight 27 Sep 2016 @inmotionhosting @mrockcreative Yay! No eta! How incompetent is this company?!? They know nothing about the problem or how to fix it
@LifeWGremlins 25 Sep 2016 @inmotionhosting Life with Gremlins has been up and down for over 24 hours now, not happy.

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OK, I know InMotion suck, what's their background anyway?

InMotion Hosting is a company that offers help for running your website. Since its creation in 2001, the enterprise has taken first place as the best domain host, as well as for the best VPS hosting site. On top of that, InMotion won several awards in 2011 in a variety of categories, proving that they're one of the best on the market. Their success is based a lot on the standard to which they hold their employees, as customer satisfaction is the primary mission of the company. On top of 24/7 service center, all of the employees have to survive the intensive training. InMotion gives its employees a lot of things to talk about, as they've got several features that make the company stand out from all the other web hosting domains out there. And all of this success is due to the two people behind the creation of InMotion.

When Sunil Saxena and Todd Robinson started working together in 2001, they had huge plans for their company. What began as two people has now grown to more than 200, and they're still hiring! Saxena attended the University of California and graduated with a bachelor's degree in economics. He's also entirely fluent in Hindi, Spanish, and English, which is no easy task. Todd Robinson also attended a well-known college: the Michigan Technological University. Robinson graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering, which makes him and Saxena a good business pair. The two decided to establish two headquarters on opposite sides of the United States. One resides in Los Angeles, CA, and the other in Virginia Beach, VA. The dual data centers provide some of the greatest features of InMotion to be possible.

The position of the two data centers gives InMotion a crucial advantage when it comes to website management. First, it gives the client a choice of through which data center they want their information routed. This not only gives the customer a voice, but it also allows him or her to choose which one is the closest and therefore will work the best. Another speed improvement comes from the fact that InMotion has paired up with other ISPs all across the globe to make data connections even faster. Data protection is another important idea to InMotion, and they're sure that no information gets lost by doing 10 GB backups every 36 hours in an attempt to keep information as safe as possible. These features and more are available in a variety of packages, with prices anywhere between $5.99 and $99.99. Each package has different features, so you can get the one that's perfect for you and your website. If you decide it's not the perfect one, InMotion still offers a 90-day refund period where the client can get his or her money back if he or she isn't satisfied. And every package comes with an excellent 24/7 customer service center that houses the most knowledgeable staff around.

As earlier mentioned, InMotion employs about 200 people within their two data centers. Getting one of these positions takes a lot of experience, as well as training. First, employees have an average of four years professional experience before they can get hired at InMotion. Even after those four years, every employee is required to undergo at least 160 hours of in-office training to ensure that everyone knows the company inside and out. The managers must meet even higher standards, and all of them have at least ten years of experience in the web hosting industry before executives can consider them for a management position. Either way, all of the employees have earned the title of "technology experts."

InMotion will continue to improve their services and data connection speeds and will remain at the top of the market for years to come.