HostPapa Sucks

HostPapa sucks so bad

Why does HostPapa suck so bad?

Here are the 10 most recent reasons why:

@beethedesigner 18 Jan 2017 @HostPapa Stuck with you for 8 whole years and in the end, you leave one of your most loyal customers in the dust. So the rumours are true…
@marc_a_parent 17 Jan 2017 @HostPapa I received the worst support. High load issues: reseller hosting down again, 3rd month in a row?! U lost my business #webhosting
@ClarkMcGovern 08 Jan 2017 My email has been hacked and I can't get anyone @HostPapa to fix it. Called 3 days ago. Please help
@JeanLeggett 04 Jan 2017 @HostPapa Site is back up but you still have us on the old server. This all started w server migration. 4 days of down approx 12-14hrs/day
@aaronmcbaron 01 Dec 2016 @HostPapa So.. my vps server is down.. What do? Im on hold waiting for the support staff to answer.
@DonBerner 30 Nov 2016 Dear @HostPapa -interestingly, not many businesses CAN have their email inaccessible for 24 hours at a time 3 days a month...
@sparkzilla 19 Nov 2016 @HostPapa Your company sucks. It's been over 12 hours since I talked with your support staff on chat and still no reply from tech support.
@EpicAllison 10 Nov 2016 THANK A LOT @HostPapa for deleting my website and all it's content. #fuckyou
@kmw_carlisle 07 Nov 2016 @HostPapa any update on this? Still no response from support on my ticket. Now almost 5 full days without email. What is being done?
@tschiefner 07 Nov 2016 @HostPapa So my site and emails have been down for 6 days with no updates or response. Is this the kind of customer service I should expect!

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Shared Business $9.99/mo Unlimited storage
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