HostGator Sucks

HostGator sucks so bad

Why does HostGator suck so bad?

Here are the 10 most recent reasons why:

@pasaportenews 03 Feb 2017 @HostGator A migration request from january 16th isnt done yet and Hostgator insists in charging an invoice for the old server awful service
@FamousCarol 26 Jan 2017 over 40 minutes with billing @HostGator - that's ridiculous!
@philtraynor1 26 Jan 2017 @HGSupport @HostGator @PCMag #EIG 21-35 sleeps until #BadService #FAIL #Refund arrives Donating to #Crumlin @CMRF_Crumlin Childrens Hospital
@Nitin_Sethi95 19 Jan 2017 @HGSupport hostgator customer support sucks. Both chat n call are busy all the time. Been stuck with some problem since two days!!!
@DonnieStrompf 19 Jan 2017 @HGSupport @HostGator sucks to lose money, don't hire a company that will take your sites down without warning ⚠️
@TrailDummies 13 Jan 2017 @HostGator Also, are you're sales people liars, or stupid? (awesome and brilliant are not options, obviously)
@diegodella 12 Jan 2017 @HGSupport guys, your chat sucks. Bring back ticketing system, 3 times I've got hanged up con chat.
@munindradedhia 09 Jan 2017 @HGSupport I am trying to raise a ticket from my account since ages. M not able to do so. Have u ppl disabled raising tickets?
@agenius 09 Jan 2017 @HGSupport Hostgator - Who came up with the brilliant idea not to have email support anymore? It just begs a tweet to go out to the universe
@theQSLman 24 Dec 2016 Sorry guys, @HostGator just sucks. I called them 3 times already and can't solve the issue. My site will be down for a few hours.

Since HostGator suck, who should I move to?

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OK, I know HostGator suck, what's their background anyway?

HostGator graced the market in 2002 and quickly became one of the most popular hosting services available. By 2006 it had more than 200,000 customers, and then in 2012 when the company sold to Endurance International Group for $225 million it had more than 400,000 clients and nine million domains registered under their business. Brent Oxley created the company while he was still an undergraduate at the Florida Atlantic University and he had no idea the level of success to which it would rise. This level that the company has achieved comes primarily from its mission, which is to provide the best level of service for the lowest prices on the market, and they do. These low prices don't mean sacrificing good features, either!

One of the most important features that HostGator adds to their packages is a total of $200 in advertising stipend, half of it for Google and the other half divided between Yahoo! And Bing. Those who are just starting out with their business or blog obviously won't have much to spend on advertising, so it's important to have this funding set aside from the beginning. HostGator also provides several programs to help you design your website, as well as many extensions and plugins to make your site more appealing and easier to use. Two of the design programs are WordPress, which is primarily for blog design, and Drupal for developing multiple types of websites. All of these features come together to ensure that your site gets lots of visits daily.

Of the seven different types of hosting options that HostGator offers, the shared is the most popular. This option comes in three various sizes and prices. The largest package is called Business and current runs at $5.98 a month. However, for this low price, every customer gets a toll-free number, a private IP address, unlimited domain registrations, unmetered bandwidth, one-click installations, and an SSL certificate to ensure that no data disappears from your website. The next size down is called the Baby package and has features similar to the Business package, but just simplified for those who don't necessarily need that many features. It comes at a price of $3.98 and includes unmetered bandwidth, unlimited domains, and one click installations. These features make sure that your website has everything it needs to be up and running smoothly, as well as secured. The smallest package is just $2.78 per month and comes with the same features as Baby, but just one domain instead of unlimited. These well thought out packages make it easy for every client to have everything they need, right at their fingertips.

If you're still unsure about hosting with HostGator, just look at their long list of awards. In 2016 alone they won two very prestigious awards: PCmag's Editor's Choice for the best online hosting site and Hosting Advice's "Best Host to Grow With." The company still stays fresh and up to date with the new technology, as Brent Oxley makes it a priority to do so. Just recently the company updated its means of energy by switching to a renewable power source to power all of their operations. This means that they're not contributing to global warming, and if you host with them neither will you.