Heart Internet Sucks

Heart Internet sucks so bad

Why does Heart Internet suck so bad?

Here are the 10 most recent reasons why:

@RFMedia1 03 Feb 2017 @HeartInternet how can you advertise a phone number to call you in emergencies which then directs you to the website! AWFUL SERVICE
@screechyboy79 26 Jan 2017 What is going on with @HeartInternet used to be so reliable now it seems there is an outage every week. #sigh
@rjacksonm1 26 Jan 2017 @HeartInternet I can't see an option for that. I'm on a sub-account, not the main account. Is there an 'off' switch for the emails anywhere?
@dorchdude 26 Jan 2017 @HeartInternet no working email for coming up 24hrs, not great for my business, help please!
@Rob_Che 18 Jan 2017 @HeartInternet Down again!? Jesus... this really sucks.
@TheEntertainer1 17 Jan 2017 @HeartInternet I have critical files that must be uploaded tonight. What is going on? Databases also out. Dreadful, how can this happen?
@gwitltd 17 Jan 2017 @HeartInternet Sorry, a 6+hour outage. Just how poor is your infrastructure? This is dreadful. #findanewhost
@davidwailing 07 Jan 2017 @HeartInternet How do I report a problem with your logging-in process when technical support queries can only be made after logging in?!
@DJJonze 05 Jan 2017 @HeartInternet yes and they've finally sorted it today after 3 days of complete calamity when the solution was so simple
@Lawfilm 05 Dec 2016 @HeartInternet it was a reseller account. We moved to another company due to you being unreliable and now you've proven incompetent also

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As a reminder of what you're not missing out on, Heart Internet's plans:

Shared Starter Pro $3.09/mo 5 GB storage
Shared Home Pro $11.16/mo Unlimited storage
Shared Business Pro $16.13/mo Unlimited storage
Dedicated Value Range $73.26/mo 2 TB storage
Dedicated Power Range $85.68/mo 2 TB storage
Dedicated High Power Range $160.19/mo 4 TB storage