GreenGeeks Hosting Sucks

GreenGeeks sucks so bad

Why does GreenGeeks Hosting suck so bad?

Here are the 10 most recent reasons why:

@CanuckDamsel 25 Jan 2017 @greengeeks are you having trouble with the cas1 server? I have incoming email, but suddenly no outgoing. No response from server. Thanks
@ErinBlaskie 24 Jan 2017 @GreenGeeks client's website is down and your ticket system won't let me add replies... Live chat is no help. What's my next option?
@AJsaysOK 23 Jan 2017 @GreenGeeks A company with terrible customer service. After 4 years with them I guess my company is insignificant.
@sungoddess 07 Jan 2017 @GreenGeeks My big mouth though, just had to tell you in a way you can't bury in a ticket system: My interaction w/your company sucked.
@DuncanSBX 04 Jan 2017 @GreenGeeks Hey guys - are your servers down? Our control panel is timing out (as is our website). url:
@BlkChinaDoll16 01 Jan 2017 @GreenGeeks This company is a complete ripoff- My acct was cancelled 4months ago & they decided 2 charge my card 2day & refused a re
@_agarvin 30 Dec 2016 Seriously the last time we use @GreenGeeks. A simple web/e-mail migration has taken well over 2weeks, and they are completely apathetic. #BS
@LaurenMF 23 Dec 2016 Just lost 6 months of data on my site transferring to @GreenGeeks & the backups in the process. About to have a full tech-induced breakd
@JMC_Nash 03 Dec 2016 Looking for an email host? Don't use @GreenGeeks! They take your money and can't provide good service. #cxp #business
@bitkahuna 01 Dec 2016 @GreenGeeks and tweets like this are why you will be losing a customer soon.

Since GreenGeeks suck, who should I move to?

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OK, I know GreenGeeks suck, what's their background anyway?

GreenGeeks was created in 2008 with an encouraging mission: save the environment. How can a web hosting service have anything to do with environmental preservation? The company has found a way to generate enough wind power to complete all of their operations without using any other source of energy. What's more is that the company creates enough energy to put three times what they consume back into the system for the use of others. So, not only are they completely erasing their own energy use, but they're reducing that of others. Since their creation, they have teamed up with Endurance International Group because they're a comparatively small business and need a little extra funding to be able to compete with the multi-million dollar corporations on the market. But don't let this deter you; the benefits of working with a small company far outweigh the negatives.

GreenGeeks provides service to more than 35,000 clients and hosts more than 300,000 websites annually. And the customers tend to be repeat customers, as they're so satisfied with the level of care they've received from the company that they wouldn't want to go anywhere else. With a small business mindset, GreenGeeks has ensured that its customer service representatives are the top of the market. As soon as you visit their website, you're asked if you have any questions by one of the staff. Pretty awesome, right? On top of that, having a small business mindset allows the upper management to think about things in a different way.

Trey Gardner has been the chief executive officer of GreenGeeks since it was created eight years ago. He hold a Bachelor's degree in history and attended two different universities: San Diego State University-California State University and California State University-Northridge. Obviously, his education was well used when he created his company. Gardner feels a personal attachment to every one of his clients, and he's created a list of five reasons why GreenGeeks is the right hosting website for everyone. These include the 99.9 percent server uptime, the fully featured web hosting service, the 100 percent customer satisfaction rate, the fact that GreenGeeks is the leading green web hosting service, and Trey's personal commitment to every customer. That commitment includes a long term satisfaction with everything GreenGeeks is able to provide. Garnder is also the one who engineered the one-package system upon which GreenGeeks operates.

Most web hosting sites boast about the number of packages they offer, but GreenGeeks sees that as unnecessary. Instead, they only offer one package for their web hosting and web hosting plus WordPress options. These two packages are all inclusive, and offer enough features for everyone, regardless of the type of website they're needing to create. Each package is discounted for a limited time to $3.95 a month, which is more than 50 percent off. Within these options, the client is given free marketing tools, email accounts guarded with layers of security, unlimited domain names, and unlimited data storage. The WordPress option comes with unlimited access to the WordPress design features, which make it unbelievably easy for designing websites. And all of these come with a standard 30-day money back guarantee, because GreenGeeks has customer satisfaction on the top of their priority list, right next to being environmentally friendly.