FatCow Sucks

FatCow sucks so bad

Why does FatCow suck so bad?

Here are the 10 most recent reasons why:

@bethanysimpson 24 Jan 2017 @FatCowSupport Hey guys - trying to call in with a billing issue. Is anyone answering phones today?
@hisforhome 07 Jan 2017 .@FatCow @FatCowSupport Is anyone answering your phones at the moment? I’ve been on hold for 11 minutes… and it’s an international call!
@alexu7575 05 Jan 2017 @FatCow @FatCowSupport And still no reply lol.
@Cancer_Alliance 04 Jan 2017 What have you done to our website @FatCowSupport ??? We are a voluntary org - Why is it always our site which you manage to rearrange ?
@hisforhome 04 Jan 2017 .@FatCow @FatCowSupport You ignore DMs, I contacted you 8 days ago re ticket #15623946. I’ve had no reply. My shop website is down… AGAIN!!
@thrilly 04 Jan 2017 @FatCow @FatCowSupport Your Live Chat isn’t working. I’ve been charged twice for a domain renewal. Please help.
@NovaeProject 03 Jan 2017 @FatCow I don't appreciate that your outsourced Live Chat gets confused by English & then charges without permission. 8yrs a loyal custo
@BillQuam 31 Dec 2016 @FatCow This morning there is access again. Last night from about 8pm HST it was impossible to access & most recent uploads did not show
@JWCrump 08 Dec 2016 Can't with @FatCow @FatCowSupport anymore. Weeks later and they STILL keep taking my site down even after the purchase of malware protection
@hisforhome 06 Dec 2016 @FatCow @FatCowSupport I’m still waiting for an admin email. I first contacted you 7 & a half hours ago. My shop website down all this t

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