eUKHost Sucks

eUKHost sucks so bad

Why does eUKHost suck so bad?

Here are the 10 most recent reasons why:

@MrQoL 26 Jan 2017 @dubble0h @eUKhostLtd Correct. Tho Biz owners are receptive if they find someone to communicate with them ..on their level .. so to speak
@MonkfishCIC 09 Jan 2017 @eUKhostLtd hi there - it looks like our website and emails are down - might it be to do with the weekend server migration?
@jrewillis 18 Nov 2016 @eUKhostLtd still down after another 30 minutes of downtime. It's now nearly 13 hrs in a week. #whatsla #99.never
@Misc_Adventures 15 Nov 2016 Hi, @eUKhostLtd any news on our site, still down since this morning, that's a full days trading lost, not great.
@gwollakid 01 Nov 2016 @eUKhostLtd duno why it's slow and rubbish. And it don't fit the screen. 4g is useless where I live to.
@jardinec 27 Oct 2016 Think about using @eUKhostLtd for web hosting? I'd look elsewhere to be honest if you need something reliable.
@jardinec 22 Oct 2016 @eUKhostLtd nearly 4 hours downtime for my eUKhost server server today #justsaying
@MisterDaz 03 Oct 2016 @eUKhostLtd Your ticketing system isn't working. I cancelled my hosting, yet you have invoiced me again. Need it credited today please.
@stuartflatt 28 Sep 2016 Would avoid @eukhostltd at all costs. Recommended to me & their management, support & billing is shocking. Not sure how they run a b
@blackmediasheep 24 Sep 2016 @eUKhostLtd hi guys. Unable to login to my account at the moment. Is there an issue?

Since eUKHost suck, who should I move to?

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As a reminder of what you're not missing out on, eUKHost's plans:

Shared Advanced $8.7/mo 20 GB storage
Shared Basic $4.34/mo 2 GB storage
Shared Intermediate $6.5/mo 10 GB storage