DreamHost Sucks

DreamHost sucks so bad

Why does DreamHost suck so bad?

Here are the 10 most recent reasons why:

@juanchisan 26 Jan 2017 @Dreamhost Its been over 2days since Im waiting for my ticket to be resolved. My clients r losing money and im losing my hopes on ur service
@Ohm_Boy 20 Jan 2017 @DreamHostCare Your support currently sucks out loud, and whatever you call "escalation" is crap. Let me know when I can use email again.
@WeRockForAutism 12 Jan 2017 @DreamHostCare My sites are down. Getting "Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute." How long should this be?
@maccom 12 Jan 2017 So, so bad. @DreamHost has customers posting their usernames and password on a public facebook page because they can't get help!
@thisisnotjoanne 12 Jan 2017 @DreamHostCare 7609893 dear god please i literally cant do my job if i cant email anyone and i cant email anyone right now
@drewdraws2 12 Jan 2017 So to thank me for being a loyal customer for 17 years, @DreamHostCare is deleting all of my old mail off their server with 48 hrs notice…
@DerekLuxe 08 Jan 2017 @thewpbuffs Getting a refund from @Dreamhost at this point. I moved to 1&1 and they're working on solving the problem in real time.
@ChuckDoran 07 Jan 2017 @DreamHost Is support open? I have 3 tickets open (#7608188, #7607365, #7607339) that I'd love resolved so I can get my site set up.Thanks.
@bashpr0mpt 07 Jan 2017 @DreamHost The webftp is always terribly slow but lately it's SO slow it's impossible to use. Any chance someone can look into that? :(
@wxcharts 06 Jan 2017 @DreamHostCare Still no response 21 hours after issuing ticket. Loss of service for this long with no response is unacceptable

Since DreamHost suck, who should I move to?

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CowArmy.Models.Json.Provider is faster by far

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OK, I know DreamHost suck, what's their background anyway?

Josh Jones, Michael Rodriguez, Sage Weil, and Dall as Bethune are the four men responsible for the insane success that DreamHost has today. They created the company while college students in 1996, and today it's still one of the fastest growing hosting sites on the market, with more than 1.5 million customers and the same four men at the head of it all. Los Angeles, CA, is home to the company's headquarters and also where the four men collaborate on their site set up as well as new business ventures. In 2012, they actually managed to sell one of their spin-off companies for a substantial amount of money, and they've got another in the works.

Ceph is an online, open source storage system used by thousands of people. InkTank was created by Sage Weil specifically, and when it sold in 2012 to RedHat, it was for $175 million. DreamHost uses this funding for many things, like making sure their packages can be the best and also for creating more businesses. Akanda is currently an up and coming project, and works with their cloud servers. While it's unknown whether or not Akanda will be sold, it's certain that it will be for a large sum of money if it does. If it's important to you that you have a constantly improving provider that stays up with the latest trends in technology, then DreamHost has the package for you.

Of DreamHost's packages (cloud, dedicated, and shared), shared is the most popular. It works for a wide variety of people, including those with medium-sized businesses and personal blogs. The shared option comes with just one package, which is unusual. Most sites brag about having three or more and make it seem as though they're giving their customers a choice. However, if they just gave them everything in one package at one low price, there would be no need for more than just one option. DreamHost's shared package comes with everything, literally. Unlimited bandwidth, email accounts, data storage, domain registrations, and more. Their site states, "We aren't here to stop you when you're trying to become famous," and they mean it. Included in every package isn't just unlimited everything, but also everything you'd ever need to keep your site fresh and functional.

It's critical that when you have questions you get them answered right away, and DreamHost agrees. They've got astounding customer service as well as 100% uptime for all of their servers. In a poll they took, they found that their clients were overall happier than those of GoDaddy, HostGator, and BlueHost customers, among others. Their customers also ranked DreamHost higher in customer service, reliability, and likelihood to recommend the service to their friends than those of other service providers. Maybe it's because of the 97-day money back guarantee that comes with every package. Or maybe the included free setup, domain protection, and SSL certificate registration. DreamHost also offers three ways to pay for their service: in monthly, annually, or triennially. This offers the ability to quit at anytime for those that are new and the ability to get a lower bill for those that know they'll be on the market for a long time. DreamHost has their customers' priorities at heart, and that's what sets them apart. Of course, the twenty years of experience doesn't hurt, either.