BigCommerce Sucks

BigCommerce sucks so bad

Why does BigCommerce suck so bad?

Here are the 10 most recent reasons why:

@GabePena93 26 Jan 2017 @TOMPAN12 @BigCommerce they've pulled this on me for literally 5 months in a row. Still isn't resolved
@twisted_apparel 09 Jan 2017 @BigCommerce Hi guys! I am having issues with my billing plan, live chat cant help! Opened ticket but no reply. Can you please help me
@ceoericla 18 Nov 2016 Wasting my time with @BigCommerce hidden support phone number. Live chat 404 and I'm paying for this horrible crap service. Calling the bank
@AhmedShakir_ 09 Oct 2016 @BigCommerce Is your website down for maiintanace? mine is offline since 2 days due to maintenance...
@pepplness 01 Oct 2016 @shopify rules, @bigcommerce sucks <<-- helpful if you need to choose ecommerce platform
@mylittlechick 20 Sep 2016 guess I will need to report @BigCommerce to the BBB for fraud. Closed my shop a month ago, charged again & waiting for refund
@CrankbunnyShop 17 Sep 2016 .@BigCommerce charged me again after giving me a refund for cancelled plan. Everytime time it is an excuse of a "glitch" or "mistake. #scam
@Oliveufishkill 06 Sep 2016 @BigCommerce integrating with @Square not as easy as you made it sound. spent a lot of time building our site on square. Must be better way
@jasonblewis 06 Sep 2016 hey @BigCommerce your live chat returns 401 - Unauthrized for me
@newwebsitenz 05 Sep 2016 @BigCommerce No response from your billing team after nearly a month of taking an incorrect payment. Sort it out, disappointed.

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