1&1 Sucks

1&1 sucks so bad

Why does 1&1 suck so bad?

Here are the 10 most recent reasons why:

@arthurwerry 26 Jan 2017 There are days I wonder why I put up with @1and1 Unbelievably bad when you need help.
@robrecord 26 Jan 2017 Public service notice: Avoid @1and1 like the plague.
@tmesweeney 26 Jan 2017 Hey @1and1help, when I requested a callback, I rather assumed it would be a person, not the hold music!
@benrolfe 26 Jan 2017 Anyone else having issues with #1&1 @1and1help DNS today?
@Simeaka 05 Jan 2017 @1and1help Yes!!! I've been trying to resolve an issue for several days & many hours. Please DM if you would like to help resolve the is
@XelTefryn 03 Jan 2017 @1and1 your webpage builder sucks how am I supposed to do add any CSS or HTML or edit the pre existing stuff it's so bad
@StevenARosen 21 Dec 2016 My website is still down thank you @1and1 This sucks. One more hour and you suck. #disappointed #pissed
@saltomaha 07 Dec 2016 @1and1help Ability to help faster... or in most cases not at all. #porrservice #1and1sucks
@JordLaidler 05 Dec 2016 Never sign up with @1and1 @1and1help they like to continue to take money from your bank even after you cancel your plan
@ilupeace 18 Nov 2016 @1and1help My Customer ID: 456303767. I had opened a new website. It was cancelled. There were unathorised charges which I wanted resolved

Since 1&1 suck, who should I move to?

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As a reminder of what you're not missing out on, 1&1's plans:

Shared Unlimited $0.99/mo Unlimited storage
Shared Unlimited Plus $4.99/mo Unlimited storage
Shared Unlimited Pro $8.99/mo Unlimited storage